5th European Dramatherapy Conference

7-8 May 2021, Prague, Czech Republic

Strange period, strange experience, mixed emotions.
They say it’s coming. Or maybe it’s already here. But what?
The coronavirus waves? Social virus? Depression? Revelation? Redemption? Change? Or maybe this all is yet about to come. And maybe not.
Remember Godot play?
What or who is Godot of these times? What is Godot in contemporary dramatherapy? And how can we handle it? Or how can we use it for therapeutic purposes?
Due to the unstable situation caused by anti-covid measures and totally unpredictable situation in May 2021, the next EFD conference is going to take place in an atypical “hybrid” model combining three levels:
1. live conference, as we know it, with papers, workshops and additional program;
2. online forum, combining online presentations followed by online discussions
3. streamed keynote papers and panel discussions.
We are optimistic, but also realistic. Nobody can predict the situation in May 2021, but we have to take into condideration that it might be similar to 2020.
Please, take into account the situation during these times and consider if you are willing to travel to Prague.
If yes, then welcome to the LIVE section of the conference. If you haven’t decided yet or you know you won’t be coming, welcome to the ONLINE section.
The final structure of the conference depends on the number of applications submitted for each section (live or virtual). Only then can we specify the structure, place, time and further details.
• For the LIVE SECTION we accept contributions for two or three hour workshops or 30 minute paper or a short performance (up to 20 minutes) on “Who is Godot?”
• For the ONLINE SECTION we accept contributions which are going to consist of:
a) short video presentation (15 min max.) introducing new approaches, new theory, description of a method, edited workshop, shared experience etc. on “Who is Godot?”, which will be placed on a conference website and offered to all participants of the conference;
b) online discussions in small groups on the topics of video presentations.
For downloading the application form, please CLICK HERE
The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2021, so make sure you fill in and submit your proposal to efdprague@gmail.com in time.
Thank you for creativity and support during these challenging times - we are looking forward to coming together. Until then, stay healthy, joyful and playful!
Organizing team

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