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For questions about Dramatherapy in a specific country, please contact the EFD country representative member. Their contact details are found on each country page.

For questions about the EFD please write to us !

Vos informations ont bien été envoyées !


If your country is not yet represented in the European Federation of Dramatherapy but you would like to join our community please do contact us!

To know if your country qualifies to join the EFD please refer to the following document.

Membership criteria

  • Professional dramatherapy associations represented by a person appointed by the association.

  • If the country has no specific DT association then an arts therapies association with a specific group that is clearly DT.

  • If the country does not have such an overall association then a training institute could join. IT IS NOT THE TRAINING ORGANISATION THAT WOULD BE REPRESENTED RATHER THE DRAMATHERAPY IN THAT COUNTRY

  • Where there is more than one dramatherapy organisation, these could come together and decide who would represent dramatherapy for their country at the federation.

  • If there is no dramatherapy association, no arts therapies association and no DT training, then an individual practitioner could join the federation.

****but that person needs to aim at setting up a professional association in their country within 4 years (Gent, October 2014)

Any new comer will have to agree to all the decisions taken up to that point – Prague, October2012


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