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Dramatherapy has been taught and practiced in Italy for 15 years.
At the moment, dramatherapists with a regular training who have a certificate are about 50.


In 2008 SPID (Società Professionale Italiana Drammaterapia) was founded, which is the only professional association in Italy. Spid is member of EFD from its beginning.
In Italy there are other professionals – called “Teatro Terapisti” - who use drama with social or therapeutic aims: their professional training and the method they use are very different from those of Dramatherapy.

DRT in Italy is not directly recognized by the State. However, in recent years, the SPID and the other professional associations of the Arts Therapies have started a process of self-regulation,  according to the Law 4 of 14 January 2013, “Disposizioni in materia di professioni non organizzate” (concerning the regulation of all the existing professions that are not state-recognized). The process ended with the agreement on common guidelines, which have been synthesised in the Norma UNI 11592, of 14 October 2015,"Attività professionali non regolamentate - Figure professionali operanti nel campo delle Arti Terapie –  Requisiti di conoscenza, abilità e competenza". In it, professional requirements and code of ethics of all the Arts Therapies  professional are clearly stated, as well as the training standards. Arts Therapists can work in medical areas only in teams together with other professionals, under supervision of psychologists o psychotherapists. In other fields, like education, rehabilitation, social work and adult training, they can work by themselves or in professional teams.

There is only one Dramatherapy training program in Italy recognized by the SPID, respecting the requested training standards: Scuola di Drammaterapia – Centro ArtiTerapie – Coop. Sineresi – Lecco.

It is a 3-years course; the total amount of training hours is 1250.
The course is part of a larger training centre, which hosts four different courses (Dramatherapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Dance/movement Therapy), as well as services for Continuous Professional Development.

The Board of SPID
Chairperson: Raffaella Perrotta
Vice Chair: Silvia Iannazzo
Secretary: Maria Brescancin
Members: Elena Vinci, Elisa Carnelli, Glenda Pagnoncelli, Paola Zuradelli




Salvo Pitruzzella is a pioneer of dramatherapy in Italy.

Salvo is Dramatherapy course leader at the “Centro ArtiTerapie”, Lecco, Italy.

He lectures in Arts Education and Creative Writing at the Fine Arts Academy of Bari, Italy.

International Member of the BADTh (British Association of Dramatherapists), and member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Dramatherapy Journal.

Italian Representative at the  ECArTE (European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education).                   


Honorary Member of the SPID (Società Professionale Italiana di Drammaterapia).

Member of the Executive Board of the EFD (European Federation of Dramatherapy).                                

He has widely published on dramatherapy, drama in education, and creativity theories.


Contact:  mobile +39.339.7221518                 


Graduated in “Theatre in Education” at Dams (Turin University), Dramatherapist qualified at Lecco School of Art- Therapies. MA in Social Theatre at Cattolica University (Milan).
Membership: President of Spid (Italian Professional Society of Dramatherapy ); Tutor, Supervisor and Theacher of Dramatherapy and Education (Lecco’s DT Training, Schoo of Art-Therapies - ); Co-fonder of European Federation of Dramatherapy (EFD). Co-founder of “Dramatherapy Study and research” ( and Fattore3 (
Working fields: education, social and clinical, rehabilitation, especially with children, adults, psychiatrics, people affected by the Down syndrome, autistic people, people with various disabilities.
Current: working as a self- employed Dramatherapist in individual sessiond and group programs, supervision. I have been working for 15 year with 250 schools and taking part in several training courses and projects with more than 60,000 students and 1,500 teachers in the north of Italy


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