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Arts therapies is a field of health care in Latvia which is  a subject to laws and regulations. The Professional Standard specifies that the art therapist is a medical practitioner who has acquired the second level higher professional education in health care and a professional qualification with a specialization in one of the art forms (visual plastic art, dance and movement, drama and music). The art (drama) therapist conducts a client or a patient (C/P) study or evaluation and accomplishes the dramatherapy p rocess, using a specific art form as a tool for creating and maintaining therapeutic relations according to the specialization, and helps the C/P to overcome a variety of health and social problems. Promoting the development of the profession, the art (drama) therapist participates in scientific research projects and in implementation of professional education. Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) is the only educational institution in Latvia where it has been possible to obtain a professional Master’s degree in art therapy with specialization in one of the four directions in art therapy since 2006.

• Drama (as well as dance-movement, art and music therapy) is an approved medical technology

• Drama(as well as dance-movement, art and music) therapist is classified as a senior healthcare specialist in the classification of professions of Latvia

• Drama (as well as dance-movement, art and music) therapist is holding Professional Master’s degree in Health Sciences

Prospective arts therapists (all four specializations) are trained at Riga Stradiņš University “Arts therapies” study programme. It is a  Master’s level study programmes being devised in accordance with the 7th level of European Qualification Framework. Students are provided with knowledge, skills and competency described in the Standard of Profession of Art therapist, and other regulatory enactments. Study programme include understanding on contemporary theories and researches and practice based on evidence, as well as follow recommendations for the establishment of study content developed by the European Consortium of Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE).

Latvian Dramatherapy Association:

Riga Stradiņš University:



Master's degree in Health Care (Art Therapist with specialisation in Dramatherapy) (Riga Stradiņš University), Head of the Latvian Dramatherapy Association and member of the German Dramatherapy Association. Representative of the Latvian Dramatherapy Association at the European Dramatherapy Federation. Certified Sandplay Therapy Practitioner.
Research interests: similarities and differences in Sandplay and Drama Therapies.
Areas of work: mental health, rehabilitation, education.
First education: BA Psych, MA Paed.

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