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Dramatherapy in Norway:
Dramatherapy as a discipline in its own rights is small. The dramatherapists living and working in Norway have graduated abroad (UK, Netherlands etc.). Music therapy has a strong tradition in Norway, and the arts therapies have gained grounds in recent years with more courses on university level, such as Expressive arts therapies, Dance and movement therapy, and Art therapy. The field of applied theatre is broad and sometimes difficult to differentiate from the field of dramatherapy. In Norway, using drama/theatre as method for learning, in social work and in special needs education is quite common. There seems to be a growing interest in the use of drama/theatre as therapeutic tool for promoting mental health issues, sense of coherence, resilience and agency. If your work resonates with this and you want to part of the Norwegian network, please make contact.    


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Dramaterapi NORGE

Photo: Wolfgang Leuschert
Photo: Ellen Foyn Brunn




Contact address:

Department of Art and Media Studies, Drama and Theatre

Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU

NO-7491 Trondheim


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Ellen Foyn Bruun, MPhil, MA, Dramatherapist (Sesame), Associate Professor of Drama and Theatre, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, Trondheim. Her professional background is stage directing, playwriting and dramaturgy. Since 2007, Ellen pioneers dramatherapy in Norway, as lecturer, supervisor and researcher. At NTNU, she is the main teacher of a course in dramatherapy. Her research seeks to re-examine and develop drama/theatre practices for educational and therapeutic purposes. Voice is one of her main research interests and she is Associate teacher of Fitzmaurice® voicework. Ellen has published several articles, written plays and contributed to books on drama and theatre practice.  

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